Requirements for fast processing

ReplaceMagic is very fast (see more over but to achieve great performance we recommend:

- When running ReplaceMagic we recommend that no other activities are done on that computer. This will give all hardware resources to ReplaceMagic. Of course, you can do parallel work but in that case hardware resources will be shared between ReplaceMagic and other applications

- As we process documents fully in memory, well surprise, memory is very important for ReplaceMagic. In simple words more is better as that will allow you to run more documents in parallel.
Like a rule of thumb we recommend that you run ReplaceMagic on computer with at least 8GB RAM. ReplaceMagic will run also on computers with less memory but you'll need to reduce number of parallel documents which will have performance impact.

At the end 8GB is today, more or less, standard and more and more computers have 16GB of RAM.

On our test computers with 16GB RAM we can process between 20 and 40 documents in parallel where on 8GB computer you can do only half (10-20 documents)

- Screen resolution - we recommend to use ReplaceMagic on computer with higher resolution than 1280x800.
In next version (4.0.9) we will reorganize screens a little so that layout works also in different font size groups (100%, 120%,...) but still 1280x800 is highly recommended and today with all high resolution screens this should not be a problem.

- CPU - like with memory more is better. Document processing can be very demending especially when you have multiple documents in parallel. Any modern computer will do the job but faster CPU means more documents in parallel meaning better performances

- Documents location - this one is also logical - if you try to fix broken links in documents and they are locally on your computer stored that will be faster compared with documents spread all over the network.

- Check for broken links - yes, we can check are links broken or not but this has price. Each link will be checked thus impacting processing performances. To accelerate as much as possible we are doing that in async-way but still, as there might be tons of links, this will have impact. Our recommendation is to enable that feature only if needed.

In case of any questions about ReplaceMagic do not hesitate to contact us over support(@)