Ver. 2022.3 - improved memory management, Excel formulas processing improvements

What is new in version 2022.3:

  • Memory management improved - memory leak found and fixed when having a lot of documents skipped due to timeout. 
    Comment: in case of skipped documents - findings from them (hyperlinks, OLE, LinkSources...) might appear in processing result grids as document processing was canceled after going through document structure. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove those results for the time being.
  • What is new (2022.3) Replacements in PDF documents simplified so there is only selection "Hyperlinks" instead "Hyperlinks" and "Launch Actions"
  • Previously, in case of major/minor enabled document libraries if active document was in major version ReplaceMagic was unpublishing it and then republishing. This is removed now in case if you set that you need versioning but Major or Minor version. In case that you need Keep Version Number unpublish will be still required as otherwise SharePoint will not allow change (error: Version conflict).
  • Maximum length of formulas was extended to 8192 characters. Changes where formula is longer than 8192 characters will be stopped to avoid document corruption. Side comment: to fix formula focus on Link Sources as after fixing Link Source(s) Excel will automatically update formulas.
  • Scanning documents export default option changed to most complete report
  • In rare cases, dependent on the tool used to create PDF documents, replacement in LinkAnnotation objects of PDF documents (hyperlinks) was making links unclickable which is fixed now.