Version 4.6.8 with tons of changes released

  • Extended command line processing to support also documents stored on SharePoint. Parameters can be configured directly from ReplaceMagic (see below) or you can manually create XML config file (see ReplaceMagic Start - CommandLine)

  • ReplaceMagic extended to support generation of command line parameter file. To generate file set everything for replacements (location(s), document type(s) and configuration in Search&Replace form). If you press in Search&Replace button "Silent run params" in newly opened form you will see XML text which can be copied in file where you keep command line parameters.
  • File format for command line parameters are changed. See more in section ReplaceMagic Start - CommandLine Parameters
  • Fixed counters for custom extension in scan and replacement dashboard
  • (BETA) Extended that ReplaceMagic can make changes in SharePoint pages content which is stored in SharePoint database (not part of .aspx page). To use this functionality during search&replace go to Search&Replace option and select in Custom tab "Update SharePoint page content (stored in SharePoint database)".

    IMPORTANT: Currently, not checked if ReplaceMagic can keep last modified date and editor or approval/publish state or versioning status.
  • Fixed check of links in custom file extensions if link was formatted to start and end with uppercase (like: <A... </A>)
  • Changed that text files are opened with default system encoding (mainly to avoid that non-standard characters are wrongly shown (for example, German letters))
  • Code cleanup of Export List functionality
  • Extended export of SharePoint documents to include unique document ID generated by SharePoint
  • Extended ReplaceMagic to be able to export and import scanned SharePoint documents. To do that following is needed:
    • Export: 

      This will create 2 export files (default names: ReplaceMagic - Find Documents export.csv and SP_ReplaceMagic - Find Documents export.csv)
      Once documents are created do not change document name
    • Import: Before you can import SharePoint documents you will need to log to the SharePoint site where documents for import are. Example, we exported documents stored on " Documents". To be able to import and process them it is needed to reconnect to To do that go to "Add SharePoint site" and connect to

    • After site is added just click on Ok and proceed with documents import. This will create needed for processing of exported SharePoint documents.

      Not yet tested: if ReplaceMagic can keep Last Modified Date and Editor during replacement process of imported document.
  • Fixed bug that import of previously scanned documents did not work
  • Fix bug when replacement process is started without scanning document that skipped files are shown in AdditionalInfo tab
  • Improved finalization phase of ScanDocuments (performance improvements when preparing list of skipped documents)
  • Extended ReplaceMagic to allow custom location for backup of documents (there are 2 options for backup: all documents or only changed documents)

    • Flow:
      • Set "Create backup", if needed enter backup extension. If backup extension is not defined ReplaceMagic will copy documents to new location
      • Select location for your backup. If nothing is selected ReplaceMagic will make backup in same folder like your original document
      • How are documents copied - for example, you set that backup location is w:\Backup. Document which ReplaceMagic should backup is coming from location c:\_work\some_subfolder and document name is (full path: c:\_work\some_subfolder\
      • ReplaceMagic will change : with - and it will create some folder structure like original has =>   w:\Backup\c-\_work\some_subfolder\
      • This will allow you to easily restore documents as original folder structure is still there
  • Content Approval setting within SharePoint
    • Peformance improvements during scenario with Content Approval setting for document library
    • Processing flow changed to ensure that flags are kept. In case of Content Approval last modified date and editor can be kept only for documents in Draft version. Documents with other status values will keep status flag but last modified date and editor will be automatically changed by SharePoint after making changes in documents.
  • Updated counters after scan documents. How they are working - ReplaceMagic will scan your files and during that process apply different filters like if file is bigger than some size, if you want to skip document based on some time stamp, etc... Filtered documents will be reported in Additional Info tab. From subset of found files (not filtered documents) ReplaceMagic will start to read content of files and if file is, for any reason, not accessible  application will put that file also in Additional Info tab. Basically there you will see all skipped documents (plus reasons). We could exclude documents skipped due to file size but we intentionally left them as from AdditionalInfo tab you can import them with one click for further processing

  • Further performance improvements in scanning process (reduced number of calls to FileInfo)
  • Further performance improvements in replacements process (reduced number of calls to FileInfo)
  • Fixed bug that maximum document processing time is reported as smaller than wait time to complete processing when it was not
  • Added popup to notify user that maintenance period expired including button to send direct email to ReplaceMagic with request for extended maintenance information. From popup you can disable apprieance of this form. After installation of new version ReplaceMagic will reset this setting again. Setting is user specific.
  • Added popup to notify user that there is new ReplaceMagic version available including details about changes in latest version. This popup can be postponed for next 14 or 30 days or completelly disabled. After installation of new version ReplaceMagic will reset this setting again. Setting is user specific.

  • Fix issue with Microsoft FileInfo method which was not recognizing document extension is some cases
  • Improved processing of documents with # and % in filename (related to SharePoint.Online)
  • "Search in Subfolders" per default selected