Ver. 2021.4 - SharePoint pages, special characters and more...

New in version 2021.4

  • There is a chance that Link Sources in Excel files are not visible if you go to Data=>Connection=>Edit Links but that they are still present if you check XML document structure - to support analyses on this side ReplaceMagic will include in Link Source tab additional field called VisibleInExcel which will help to better understand structure of link source stored in documents.
    In case that this field is not visible go to c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\replacemagic or c:\users\username\appdata\local\replacemagic and delete file gridLinkSourcesLayout.xml which will reset result grid fields (btw. this will show default fields order).
  • Added option that ReplaceMagic during replacements in hyperlinks, OLE, Link Sources, Pivot or Power Queries makes replacement of special characters. This is useful in case of documents stored in SharePoint as some migration tools are converting locations of copied documents by replacing special characters.

    Option "Use illegal characters conversion during check of broken links?" will instruct ReplaceMagic to replace special characters when links are checked. This will not make any changes of links.

    Option "Replace SharePoint illegal characters?" will instruct ReplaceMagic to convert illegal characters during replacement process similar to conversion of /and \.

    Special characters are converted in order from 1 to 18 and empty fields are skipped.
  • Extended processing of SharePoint .aspx page where content is part directly of the page. ReplaceMagic will read all tags used in .aspx page and make replacement of them. Previously, only content between <mso:PublishingPageContent></mso:PublishingPageContent> was processed (default SharePoint pages).
  • Fixed bug that silent run processing replacement process did not work.
  • Added parameter to control if ReplaceMagic will automatically close after silent run processing is finished.
  • Fixed bug that when document processing timeout was reached number of active threads was not reduced after closing processed document which could lead that processing is stopped waiting on free processes.
  • Changed that ReplaceMagic in command line mode is closing splash screen before processing documents.