ReplaceMagic 4.5.4 published, exports improved

  • Added that scan or replacement dashboards can be re-opened once you close them
  • Added direct export file link to all export forms. You can now open export file directly from ReplaceMagic

New ReplaceMagic version 4.5.3 published

SharePoint journey continues - we just added beta support for native integration with SharePoint 2010.

Now you can connect directly with SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 and SharePoint Online. Of course, we can keep document properties like last accessed/modified date, author and editor plus we can check-in/check-out and force check-in of your documents.

ReplaceMagic version 4.5.2 released

  • Improved processing of PDF documents stored in SharePoint



New version 4.5.1 just published

What is new:

  • New notification => if you select to make changes in SharePoint (access of HTTP(s)) and select that ReplaceMagic creates backup you will get notification that SharePoint backups are controlled of versioning settings of SharePoint
  • ReplaceMagicUpdater.exe is not also digitally signed