Ver. 2022.4 - support for Microsoft Information Protection and more...

What is new (2022.4):

  • Fixed replacement of SharePoint page hyperlinks containing in URL & - problem was that only first URL was changed
  • Web Logon authentication mode set as default for SharePoint login
  • Extended log capturing in case of SharePoint throttling
  • Fixed problem that SharePoint lists where name is starting after letter U were not visible
  • Convert spaces in link sources to %20 to mimic same way how Excel is saving them. This is important as that will have direct impact on link source length which was limit of 255 characters
  • Fixed Visio hyperlinks replacements bug that ExtraInfo (link part after ? is not saved). This was happening if initial link did not have ExtraInfo but new link has
  • ReplaceMagic now supports changes in Name Manager link. To do that select that changes should be in Link Sources which included Name Manager also
  • Extension of ReplaceMagic to support document encrypted by Microsoft Information Protection. Initial focus on Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents
  • For Microsoft Information Protection we need latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 (direct download link) which is also included in installation file
  • Fixed bug that PDF documents might stay checked-out after processing on SharePoint
  • Improved processing of data connections in Excel files
  • Further improvements of processing SharePoint Canvas pages
  • If SharePoint page has Canvas or Wiki content (page content stored in SharePoint database) changes of links there will have priority to hard-coded links. In general, there should not be hard-coded pages (page content not stored in SharePoint database)
  • Extended functionality that digitally signed documents (PDF, Excel, PowerPoint or Word) can be skipped during processing