Ver. 4.7.5 - major improvements command line processing (benefits for automatization)

New in ver. 4.7.5 (07th of January, 2020) - focus with this update is on Command Prompt start of ReplaceMagic with different parameters

  • License key is changed (from 4.7.3) => All customer with valid maintenance will need new license key. Send us email to and we will generate new license file.
  • Added option to change VBA module name.
  • Added option to disable Excel formulas refresh when opening ReplaceMagic changed document. Check Configuration => Processing => Parameter "Do not refresh formulas in Excel documents".
  • During preparation for command prompt run (silent run - start of ReplaceMagic from command line with XML file) you can select that username and password to connect to SharePoint are encrypted to protect user data if somebody has access to XML file.
  • Silent run supports option to export of scan and replacements and/or to send them to email results (data in result grids in ReplaceMagic) after document processing. Default location is C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\Roaming\ReplaceMagic
  • Silent run now supports multiple configuration files. Simply create needed number of XML configuration files and start ReplaceMagic with "ReplaceMagic ConfigFile1.xml ConfigFile2.xml ... ConfigFileX.xml" and application will process configuration files one by one
  • Email Notifications - ReplaceMagic supports option to send notification email with scan and replacement results after command prompt run. To configure email system go to Configuration => Notifications
  • Default export location changed to C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\Roaming\ReplaceMagic\Exports
  • All export options (except export from Console tab) are extended to support send of export files to configured email (Configuration -> Notification)


Happy New Year from ReplaceMagic team