Ver. 2020.12.1 - SharePoint multi factor authentication improvements and more...

What is new (2020.12.1)?

  • Extended ReplaceMagic configuration to support proxy settings for checking broken http/https links when WinHTTPRequest feature is used. This option is not available when using MSXML check method:

  • Extended filtering on date (creation, modification or access date) to include setting of time also:

  • Fixed problem that in case of list items SharePointURL in Scan Documents tab was not properly shown
  • Improved functionality used for SharePoint Multi-Factor authentication (also renamed it to Web Logon):

  • Remark: It looks like that Web Logon is sensitive to number of documents to be processed in parallel. To avoid throttling or that documents are skipped (it looks like that SharePoint will block some documents resulting that they end-up in Additional Info tab) we are setting maximum parallelism to 4 in case of this authentication mode. In case of throttling, we recommend that you investigate App-Only approach described in article "Granting access using SharePoint App-Only (use when Legacy Authentication mode is not allowed)". If you still want to use higher number of work processes when using Web Logon authentication see next point.
  • Added parameter Ignore Web Logon limit

    Per default ReplaceMagic will not allow parallelism higher than 4 documents in case of Web Logon authentication mode. By setting this parameter this limit will be ignored and ReplaceMagic will use value of parameter "Parallel document processing".
  • Parameter "Processed all skipped documents":

    After replacement process is done in case that there we were some skipped documents ReplaceMagic will allow you to re-try to process them again. To focus reprocessing only on skipped documents inside of Additional Info tab you can find button "Reprocess SharePoint files":

    By clicking on this button ReplaceMagic will set skipped documents for processing. Default setting is to limit reprocessing only to documents skipped due to

    By setting this parameter ReplaceMagic will prepare all skipped documents no matter on error code. As sometimes might happen that documents are skipped (for example, time out error) we recommend that after replacement process is done you try to reprocess skipped documents.

    Remark: In case of Web Logon authentication mode, if you use higher processing parallelism, SharePoint might skip some documents and they will land in Additional Info tab. By using "Reprocess SharePoint files" functionality you can separately try to make replacement in skipped documents.
  • Added support to make changes in texts (including links) of SharePoint Discussion Boards

    To see current limitations of processing list items or discussion board items check following article

  • Introduction of WebLogon brings connectivity improvements which are more and more required. To be able to release this ReplaceMagic version ASAP, focus was to enable processing of documents (core ReplaceMagic functionality) but processing of links in list items for WebLogon was postponed for later. 
    Of course, processing of list item attachments is still possible.
  • Fixed bug that, when CommandLine XML is used, ReplaceMagic was not able to decrypt password.
  • Added progress bar during import of previously scanned documents
  • Before if date fields were not properly formatted for import of scanned files ReplaceMagic was showing error message that file format is not correct. From this version ReplaceMagic will try to adjust wrongly formatted dates and continue with import.
  • New parameter "URL Decode links for link checker" - if link in documents had some special characters, for example é, they were converted to %C3%A9 which was causing that server with this link to return that link is broken even if it should work. With this parameter ReplaceMagic will do URLDecode converting %C3%A9 to é so that link checker can get correct response from the server:

    [REMARK] Due to increase usage of SharePoint Online and other related cloud services, Microsoft is introducing even tighter throttling limits which will be added on the top of normal throttling. Evening and weekend hours should not be impacted but this is not totally clear. In case that you notice slowdown in processing with ReplaceMagic we strongly recommend to reduce number of documents for parallel processing (Configuration -> Configuration tab -> Parameter "Parallel document processing") or to enable parameter "Decrease workload during SharePoint throttling?".