Ver. 2021.5 - Remove link sources, improved processing of SharePoint pages...

New in version 2021.5

  • Added option that ReplaceMagic removes all link sources from your Excel documents:
  • What is new (2021.5)?
    Extended command line run to include filtering of files based on dates:

  • Changed that per default ReplaceMagic will not check-out/check-in documents when processing files on SharePoint. Reason is that if this is done and there is SharePoint throttling which will cause that files are skipped, documents might stay checked-out. In case that you want to to keep publishing or approval status you will need to have this feature enabled.
  • Fixed bug that after SharePoint pages replacements are done published pages are staying in unpublished state (minor version).
  • Sorting of search & replace strings - As sort order of search&replace strings is very import ReplaceMagic will now sort them automatically according to their length descending when you press button to start replacement process or to prepare parameters for command line run. This is required as if you have shorter strings first ReplaceMagic might make changes when shorter string is found and as it is also part of longer search string that might cause that longer string is skipped as changes are already done. This is done in the background to ensure that strings are properly sorted but sort order will not be visible in search and replace form.
    As a indicator, we added new column "Search length" which can be used as indicator to show length of your search strings
  • Extended ReplaceMagic to automatically take care of approval and/or publishing status of documents stored in SharePoint when this setup is used. Previously, user had to select what ReplaceMagic should do.