Ver. 2021.2.1 - SharePoint pages replacement results fix

What is new in ReplaceMagic 2021.2.1:

  • Fixed bug that replacements in SharePoint Wiki or SharePoint Canvas pages are done but not reported in result lists

Ver. 2021.2 - multi user support for SharePoint Online to reduce throttling risk...

What is new in ReplaceMagic 2021.2:

  • New theme added => Office2019Light
  • Fixed bug during processing of SharePoint .aspx pages that no changes are done as encoded : (:) was not properly converted to : leading that no changes of strings containing : were done.
  • Fixed bug (introduced in 2020.12.1) that changes in Canvas and Wiki pages did not work.
  • In case that there is problem during startup of ReplaceMagic new log file ReplaceMagicStartup.log will be created providing information what happened.
  • Added feature to create multiple SharePoint users which will be used to process documents in round-robin model (every document will use next SharePoint user from created list of users). This might be interesting in case of SharePoint throttling as in this case it will look like that there are multiple users accessing and processing documents stored on SharePoint.
  • In case of multi language sites, if ReplaceMagic user is having different language to language used to create site selected for processing, ReplaceMagic was stopping complete processing (probably in progress bar you could see message "Root prepared...)". From this version there is additional notification if something like this happens telling you that you'll need to align user and site language. Of course, additional logging is also provided in Console View or in ReplaceMagic log file.
  • Fixed bug that password protected documents stored on SharePoint, after password was provided, were not processed.
  • Check of broken links when documents are stored on SharePoint might end-up with errors like 403 Forbidden. To avoid that we are introducing parameter "Native SharePoint check of broken links" which will allow ReplaceMagic to use SharePoint object model to check if links are broken or not. Unfortunately, this means that for each of found links ReplaceMagic will send request to link location which will be very "expensive" meaning that processing performances will suffer and there is high risk that, due to high number of SharePoint requests, Microsoft throttle complete processing. Nevertheless, as some customers shown interest in this feature it is included now but you are solely responsible for usage of it thus warning message.
  • Improved error handling when test email sending is triggered from Configuration => Notification