ReplaceMagic 4.6.5 just published

  • Further OneNote improvements...
  • Minor bug fixing...

ReplaceMagic version 4.6.4 ready for download

  • Improved replacement process when using regular expressions
  • Fixed bug that export of result grids did not work

ReplaceMagic 4.6.3 just published

New in version 4.6.3 (01-14-2019)

  • During 2018 SharePoint.Online started to support some special characters in folder(s)/file(s) name. ReplaceMagic can all process those documents
  • Improved result display in dashboards (removed "bad" files from "processed" documents counter)
  • Extended that all document types are shown in Console view (Text/Custom files were missing)
  • Extended Dashboards to show text/custom extension files
  • Included check that export results does not work if result tables are empty
  • Fixed bug - due to missing exception handling, if maximum memory limit was reached, ReplaceMagic was not executing memory cleanup routine.