How to fix text docs?

As extension to ReplaceMagic portfolio which includes support for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Visio, OneNote, PDF and Windows shortcuts we prepared ReplaceMagic.Text to enable processing of text documents. By default you can processor *.txt, *.htm, *.html, *. csv, *.bat documents but you can enter any extension that you would like:

During scan of your text documents we will try to identify what are hyperlinks which  will help you later update your Web files.

Processing is parallelized meaning it is very fast. In our test, processing of 10.564 documents (html files) took 212 seconds and during that time we scanned 1,189GB of files. ReplaceMagic identified total of 1.960.344 hyperlinks.

To make replacement simply go to Search&Replace and set that you want to make changes in Custom where you can find only option "Update text". After providing search&replace strings click on "Start Replacement":

Usage of ReplaceMagic is very simple as you can see :)


New version 4.1.2 just published

·     Added Ookii.Dialog component which can be used to select network mapped folders (mapping done with "Add a network location"). Select Folder and Select Folder(s) forms are extended with this feature.
·     Added parameter "Do not change file links if replacement is longer than 235 characters" - in case if replacement string is longer than 235 characters change will not be done. This works in case of Excel documents when changes are to be done in formulas and LinkSource. Reason is that Excel cannot handle longer strings (235+ characters) so it might report that document is corrupted. To avoid that set this parameter.
·     When selected folder or files for processing are changed Find Documents list will be empty to be ready for new scan of documents. Also direct changes are working immediatelly over new selected folder(s)/files.
·     CommandLine parameters extended (see ReplaceMagic Start - CommandLine parameters)
·     Added option that you can save configuration of Search&Replace form. All settings except document properties and search&replace key pairs will be saved.
·     Added option to filter documents based on creation date. Previously filtering was possible on last modification or access date.
·     In case that file links were started with file: they were always reported as broken. This is fixed now.
·     ReplaceMagic folder structure is changes. Previously we saved all ReplaceMagic files under ...\Webtime Corporation\ReplaceMagic. Now all application files are saved directly in \ReplaceMagic\ folder without company name in the path structure. Due to this might be needed that you have to re-apply license. This will be one-time action and in the future we will stick to this new folder structure.