Ver. 2022.1 - Silent run improvements, SharePoint multi user and more...

New in version 2022.1 (16th of January, 2022)

  • Extended log file and Console view to report which document areas were selected for replacement process.
  • Extended that if ReplaceMagic is executed with silent run parameters file complete configuration is taken over so  if ReplaceMagic is used to process documents manually after silent run (for example, reprocessing of skipped documents) same parameters including search&replace strings are used.
  • Extended CommandLine parameters file with 2 undocumented parameters that can be added before closing XML tag </COMMANLINEPARAMETERS>:

    Those 2 parameters will overwrite document processing timeout parameters in ReplaceMagic configuration file and have to be added manually directly into silent run file.
  • If in form to add SharePoint site button Test was pressed and then form was closed pressing X in upper right corner, ReplaceMagic was showing error popup - problem resolved now.
  • In rare occasions, when multiple users are used to connect to the SharePoint, during document processing, SharePoint client context can be wrongly set causing that documents are skipped (they'll appear in Skipped Documents tabs where they can be reprocessed again. Error message will be something like "The object is used in the context different from the one associated with the object.").
  • Fixed problem that Power Queries in documents saved with non-English Excel are not recognized.
  • Fixed problem that Variation Labels list was not skipped in all scenarios.
  • Fixed problem that documents with extension in upper case were skipped.
  • Extended error tracking when creating list of documents in SharePoint (throttling, error 429 or 503)
  • Fixed bug that only one change in OneNote text area can be done.
  • Fixed bug "Enforce check-in [checked-out docs will be checked-in for processing]" stopped to work after 2021.3. Also changed option title to "Try to change checked-out document(s)"
  • Minimum .NET version changed to 4.7.2 as previously used 4.6.1 will be retired in May, 2022.
  • Fixed bug that in Ultra fast scan links of Quick Launch and Top Nav Bar were shown (time was spent on reading them).
  • Fixed bug that workload management (decrease/increase number of parallel documents for processing) did not work when throttling message did not contain (429) or (503).
  • In case that SharePoint DenyAddAndCustomizePages is enabled (meaning that you do not have permissions to make changes in SharePoint pages)

    ReplaceMagic will now report "Access denied (check ReplaceMagic help - Processing of SharePoint .aspx pages stopped working"):

    Previously ReplaceMagic will report problem to save page without conclusive explanation why.
  • If option "Remove Link Sources from Excel docs" is used (in Search & Replace configuration form) -> after removing external references formulas will be also updated in form => If formula was “=‘SomeExcelFile.xlam’!customfunction()”, after removing the external link “SomeExcelFile.xlam”, this cell’s formula will become “=customfunction().
  • Trial limitation and ReplacePreview mode - main trial limitation is that changes in 10% of scanned documents will be done. To get impression of complete replacement process from this version if you select "Replace Preview" option in Search&Replace form, during testing in trial mode, ReplaceMagic will report all changes in scanned documents according your entered search & replace strings. As this is Replace Preview mode no changes will be saved but you will get list of all what will be replaced in case that you purchase ReplaceMagic license.