New version 4.0.1 published

We just published new ReplaceMagic version (4.0.1) - only change is that installation and application are now signed with SHA-256 which does not have any impact on current functionality.

Reason for this is because old signature model (SHA1) is not anymore supported by Windows.

To download latest version please go here


Special offer for existing customers

We strongly believe that new version of ReplaceMagic makes huge steps forward and we are greatful to all customers. Without you we would not developer all features that are making ReplaceMagic. Tons of feedback over last few years resulted in new ReplaceMagic version.

As you could see in some other blog posts we support:

  • OneNote and
  • PDF documents
  • ReplaceMagic can process in parallel multiple number of documents
  • We do not need Office to run ReplaceMagic
  • All changes are done directly in binary documents
  • ...

As a thank you for years of ReplaceMagic usage and trust in our products we decided to offer all existing customers to get this new version (including 12 months of free upgrades) for 25% of product price and in a addition all owners of ReplaceMagic Bundle editions (now called ReplaceMagic.Office) will get free upgrade to ReplaceMagic.Total which includes also support for PDF documents.

If you want to put your hands on new ReplaceMagic version send us email (click HERE) and we will assist you in purchase process.

New version 4.0.0 is just published!

Are you prepared to be surprised by a new totally rewritten ReplaceMagic? We are pleased to announce that we have launched a totally new version of  product – ReplaceMagic (ver. 4.0.0) – and are very exciting by its features as ReplaceMagic now:

  • Does not need Office to make changes in your documents which improves performances a lot
  • Is threads-enabled meaning that you can run multiple documents in parallel (depends on your computer power) which additionally accelerates processing
  • Has modern design
  • Includes support for OneNote and PDF documents processing
  • and really much more...

No competing product comes close in terms of features, ease of use and price. Please download new version (click HERE) and review its capabilities. If you are have any questions do not hesitate to contact us over +1-302-476-2350 or over email support[AT]