ReplaceMagic performances

Frequently we are getting questions like "... but how fast is ReplaceMagic?" or "How many documents can I process in one hour?" or "..." - simply think about any performance question and put it here.

Well, to make story short - ReplaceMagic is very fast, extremely fast :).

On my test computer with i7 CPU, 16Gb and fast SSD drive I can process (parallelization set to 10 documents at the same time) between 20 and 40 documents per second. Listen, I am talking about 72.000 to 144.000 documents per hour.

Here is small example - I did scan of documents to make snapshot of current situation:

- in total there were 1248 documents and it took 56 seconds to open, read content of each document and record data:

[Scan Documents] Processed: 1248 documents. Duration: 00:00:49.6910355. Max parallel documents: 10. Work completed!
Start: 26.09.2016 19:41:00
End: 26.09.2016 19:41:49
Total time: 49 seconds.
Total documents: 1248
Processed documents: 1248
Total number of Hyperlinks: 1372
Total number of OLE links: 798
Total number of Link Sources: 32
Total number of Pivot Tables: 2
Total number of Excel document(s): 10 with size of 3865kb
24 hyperlinks found in Excel documents
6 OLE links found in Excel documents
29 link sources found in Excel documents
2 pivot tables found in Excel documents
Total number of Word document(s): 32 with size of 9449kb
75 hyperlinks found in Word documents
276 OLE links found in Word documents
3 link sources found in Word documents
Total number of PowerPoint document(s): 133 with size of 96962kb
585 hyperlinks found in PowerPoint documents
516 OLE links found in PowerPoint documents
Total number of Visio document(s): 4 with size of 1091kb
2 hyperlinks found in Visio documents
Total number of Project document(s): 2 with size of 744kb
2 hyperlinks found in Project documents
Total number of PDF document(s): 1012 with size of 441653kb
683 hyperlinks found in PDF documents
55 documents were broken.
In total ~540Mb of files.

Is that fast? Well, we would says, yes, it is very fast.

ReplaceMagic is built for performances.
We helped our customers in fixing broken links of huge number of documents.
After checking real-life performances of one of our customers we got following:
"It processed 1.991.283 files and identified 75.521 with links. After the move few files link sources got changed from c:\users to x:\users so had to replace x:\users with c:\users.  Few files after the move the link source path got changed to x:\c instead of c: so had to replace x:\c with c:.

It took around 5.5 hrs to scan and then the replace was pretty quick as it was narrowed down to just one folder , so during the replace it had to traverse through just one big folder. That process was pretty quick a few minutes 10 -15 . "


When we translate that into documents/second we are on around 100 docs/second.


As customer had our Package2 license (you buy 2 licenses and can install ReplaceMagic on up to 5 computers, more over ReplaceMagic packages) so in case that they were running ReplaceMagic on 5 computers that is about 20 docs/second.


Of course, they were running it over network location so network time was also adding overhead.


Best is, of course, to test ReplaceMagic locally in your environment with your documents as each setup is different and has to be tested :).


In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us over support(@)


Have fun,


ReplaceMagic team