Development of new version of ReplaceMagic

After spending some time working and optimizing new ReplaceMagic presentation it is time to go back to normal duties and extension of new ReplaceMagic version.

We still do not have deadline as almost everyday we have new ideas what to add and how to change ReplaceMagic. Of course, this does not make our life easier so we will need to draw the line and split development in different phases.

Our first phase would be to:

- Make ReplaceMagic work with multiple threads meaning that documents will be processed in parallel mode which will increase performances. This is already achieved for scanning of documents and during internal tests we managed to process more than 13.000 documents in less than 5 minutes. To be more precise:

Start: 01.05.2015 13:58:14
End: 01.05.2015 14:02:50
Total time: 276 seconds.
Total files: 13451
Processed documents: 13451

Hyperlinks count: 43095
OLE links count: 132
Link Sources count: 119
PivotTables count: 4
Found Excel document: 4683 with size of 233136 kilobytes
Found Word document: 1376 with size of 313416 bytes
Found PowerPoint document: 52 with size of 9295 bytes
Found Visio document: 19 with size of 5580 bytes
Found Project document: 61 with size of 10303 bytes
Found PDF document: 7121 with size of 807932 bytes
Found Email document: 0 with size of 0 bytes
Found OneNote document: 0 with size of 0 bytes

- Enable that ReplaceMagic does not need Office applications to make changes of documents. Currently it is required to have Microsoft Office installed on computer where you run ReplaceMagic.

- Support all Office application that we support with old version of ReplaceMagic -> Microsft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio

- Include as much functionality from old version


- Add if something is left our from old ReplaceMagic version

- Add PDF, OneNote and Email/Outlook support.
Above you can see that we already started to work with PDF files but this will be finished in phase 2


- Auto repair links after documents migration, server changes, file storage changes or SharePoint migrations. This will take some time but ultimate goal is that ReplaceMagic makes links (hyperlinks, OLE links, Link Sources,...) as much automatically as possible.

Stay tuned...


Btw. speed of processing depends on factors like: computer power, complexity of documents, file storage speed,... Numbers are related to our test environment and documents set!

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