PDF converter to other document types?

As we are investigating PDF document manipulation it came a cross our mind that we might create desktop and online PDF converter.

Goal is to have tool that will scan your PDF documents and convert them into some other (editable) files formats like Word, Excel, rich text, HTML,...).

Yes, there are other similar tools but ReplaceMagic desktop edition will allow you to do mass conversions at once.
Concept will be the same like with ReplaceMagic.Total where you will chose folder(s)/drive(s) where your documents are and then decide into which file format you want to export your PDF.

Of course, we need to keep same formating like in your PDF documents.

Beside desktop edition we will offer also online application with simplistic layout where you can upload your document, we will convert it to chosen file format and send it per email back to you.

Online version will not have mass-conversion options like desktop edition.

What do you think does this make sense?
What else would you like to have (signing documents, approval process, team collaboration and document sharing options...)?

Btw. reason to create something like this is because we also get tons of PDF documents and if we need to make some changes this is difficult task (either some other similar tool or to rewrite text again). By using ReplaceMagic.PDFConverter you will be able to export text, make changes and then convert it back to PDF.

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