Ver. 2020.10.1 - help with SharePoint throttling and much more....

What is new in 2020.10.1:

  • Fixed issue that if SharePoint App-only authentication mode is selected client secret (password) is not in all places properly used. This authentication mode can be used in case that legacy authentication mode is disabled for your site(s). More details can be found in ReplaceMagic help article "Granting access using SharePoint App-Only (use when Legacy Authentication mode is not allowed)"
  • Updated SharePoint section of help file (SharePoint errors, App-Only authentication, MFA,...)
  • Fixed problem that PowerPoint files are skipped if "Check broken links" is enabled and there are OLE links without any entry in Address field.
  • Per default ReplaceMagic works with parallelism of 5 documents at the same time (parameter "Parallel document process" in Configuration). As newer computers usually have more than 5 threads available, meaning they can process more than 5 documents in parallel, if this number is not increased ReplaceMagic will not optimally use hardware capacity. To go around this we are introducing parameter "Optimize workload ... after every ... documents" which will after defined number of documents try to increase workload to maximum number of available threads:
  • In case of that documents are stored on SharePoint might happen that SharePoint starts to throttle processing. To reduce risk that processing is full stopped by SharePoint (too much workload) you can set ReplaceMagic to reduce parallel document processing when SharePoint starts to throttle accesses to documents. TO set that use parameter "Decrease workload during SharePoint throttling?". In case that ReplaceMagic receives error messages 429 - too many requests it will reduce number of parallel documents for half as long as those error messages are shown. Minimum reduction will be to 1 document at the same time (sequential processing). In case that you want that ReplaceMagic later increase number of parallel documents for processing please select parameter "Optimize workload..."

    Remark: if you have computer with more than 8 threads we do not recommend to use this option without parameter SharePoint safety belt  
  • New parameter "SharePoint workload safety belt" - in case that ReplaceMagic should optimize workload to use maximum what current hardware can do with this parameter we are controlling that when processing is done against SharePoint we do not use more than 8 documents in parallel to reduce risk that ReplaceMagic is throttled by SharePoint. In case your hardware has more than 8 threads and you are using "Optimize workload..." we are recommending to using this parameter:

  • Fixed problem with mm/dd/yyyy format and license file
  • In case that during replacement process with documents stored in SharePoint some of them are skipped due to following error codes:

    Document bigger than set limit
    Document processing manually stopped
    Document processing timeout reached
    Error code 429 => SharePoint Throttling
    Error code 503 => SharePoint Throttling

    you will have possibility to prepare them for reprocessing immediately after initial replacement process is done by simple click on one button.
    1. When replacement process is done in dashboard you will see how many documents are skipped:

    2. If you click on Additional Info tab

    You will see all documents that are skipped with reasons why.
    In case that you see documents with above mentioned errors by clicking on "Reprocess SharePoint files" ReplaceMagic will create collection of only those documents which you have to process immediately by going to Search & Replace tab where you will run everything exactly the same.

    1. In case that documents where skipped due to document size they will be skipped again except if you do not change maximum size of file. See Configuration => parameter "Skip files bigger than"
    2. If documents were skipped due to timeout to be able to process them you will need to increase timeout parameter. See Configuration => parameters "Maximum time to process document" and "Wait time to close document processing".
    3. If documents were skipped due to SharePoint throttling (errors 429 and/or 503) there are two options:
    a). reduce number of documents to be processed in parallel => see Configuration => parameter "Parallel document processing". As a smaller helper you can also use "Decrease workload during SharePoint Throttling"
    b) Wait with processing few hours to allow that SharePoint lifts throttling limits. Please do not close ReplaceMagic as skipped files will be also gone.

    In case of option 1 we would recommend to set parameter "Parallel document processing" to 1 so that documents are sequentially process one by one. In case that SharePoint allows that you enable parameter "Optimize workload" as that will increase number of documents for parallel process for one every X documents. Please keep in mind that parameter "SharePoint workload safety belt" is also enabled.

    "Reprocessing SharePoint files" is visible only when selected scan location starts with http(s).

    Additional remark - you can repeat "Reprocess SharePoint files" after each replacement process, basically, as long as you do not have any document skipped with above mentioned error messages.


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