New version 4.0.6 just published

We just released new version 4.0.6 with a lot of changes:

If you click on button "Clear List" ReplaceMagic will ask if you are sure. This is included to avoid that processing results are deleted by mistake.

·    Processing summary is now moved completely at the end in Console view after BadFiles report
·    We extended ReplaceMagic with option to check are there new updates:

Currently this is manual process as you have to click but ultimate goal is to include automatic checks and that will follow.
· Added option to enable filtering (only Professional edition) in result grids. To set this go to Configuration => Enable filtering:

Filter options are:

  • Extended reporting to include per application type number of corresponding hyperlinks, OLE links, link source and pivot tables. For example:

    Total number of Excel document(s): 9 with size of 3855kb
    24 hyperlinks found in Excel documents
    6 OLE links found in Excel documents
    29 link sources found in Excel documents
    2 pivot tables found in Excel documents

·   Added parameter Wait X second(s) for threads to finish in Configuration - this parameter instructs ReplaceMagic to wait X seconds before it writes to Console summary about current processing. Without this parametar might happen that ReplaceMagic writes summary before processing is finished which will lead that some files are not included in summary.
·    Changed that during import search&replace and passwords strings if separator is not correct line will be skipped but all other lines will be imported. Before ReplaceMagic did not import anything.
·    Import Separator is used for Search&Replace and Password imports

·    In case that some documents cannot be opened ReplaceMagic was writting info about documents in console view or in log file. Now we extended result lists with additional tab "Additional Info" which will appear only if there are "bad documents". Of course, all information will be still written in console tab and logs like before:

·    In Scan Documents tab if you chose Export and then select "Single export file (all scan results split on different sheets)" ReplaceMagic will include also bad documents.
·    Extended changes in PDF documents to support LaunchAction parallel to changes of hyperlinks:

Launch action launches an application or opens or prints a document.

·    Added support for changes in Excel formulas:

·    Minor bug fixing...