New version 4.1.1 just published

New in version 4.1.1


·         Improved exception handling when opening PDF documents. Messages are more meaningful

·         Improved exception handling when opening older Word documents (Word 95). As they are not supported now it is understandable why document was skipped

·         Added option to skip documents bigger than some size. In case of huge documents processing was taking long so to avoid performance degradation now you can set size above which documents will be skipped. This is setting "Skip files bigger than..."

·         CommandLink parameters extended for SKIPOFFLINEDOCUMENTS and CONTINUEREPLACEMENT

·         Movement of selected document extensions for processing improved

·         Added UltraScan which will only create list of documents for replacement process without opening a single document. In case if you do not care about links in documents this option make sense

·         Added ReplaceMagic.Text - now you can process custom added extension where documents are treated as a text files. By default extensions like .txt, . htm, .html, .csv, .bat are processed but you can add any custom extension

·         ReplaceMagic.Text is part of ReplaceMagic.Ultimate version

·         Extended Excel part to process hyperlinks connected to document shapes

·         Extended ReplaceMagic.Text to be able to identify hyperlinks in documents

·         Extended changes of LinkSources in Excel documents to support replacements of SourceFile properties also. Initially changes were done only in case of ConnectionInfo property

·         Extended CommandPrompt mode to do only Scan Documents with section [SEARCHREPLACE] is empty. Before ReplaceMagic was not doing anything in case of missing [SEARCHREPLACE] section

·         Added that broken files are shown in AdditionalInfo tab after replacement process. Initially this was done only after scanning documents

·         Bugs fixing (including backup extension bug)

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