New version 4.0.8 just published

What is new:

  • Added option to control maximum memory available for ReplaceMagic processing. If you have 8Gb RAM and you specify that ReplaceMagic should not use more than 75% of available memory only 6Gb will be available for RM.
    In case that you opened already 25 documents in parallel and reached 6Gb limit (or just above) ReplaceMagic will not open new document as long as memory used by ReplaceMagic does not go below 6Gb.
    With this parameter we are ensuring that ReplaceMagic cannot use more than specified memory
  • Bug fixing - When you wanted to make changes of hyperlinks in Excel document if you tried to change hyperlink from UNC format to hyperlink in "drive" format during saving additional "file:" was added in some cases.
  • Continues improvement: Optimized processing of hyperlinks in Word documents
  • Cosmetic changes
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