New version 4.5.5 just published

New in version 4.5.5 (07-09-2018)

  • Parallel document processing parameter which defines number of documents that ReplaceMagic can process in parallel can now be changed also during the processing (scanning or replacement process). To do that, during processing, just go to Configuration and set and save new value which will be used few moments after change is saved.
  • Max memory used by ReplaceMagic can also be changed during processing (scanning or replacement process). To change value during processing just go to configuration and set new value which will be used immediatelly after you save configuration.
  • Parameter "Skip files bigger than ... Mbytes" can we also dynamically changed during processing similar to "Max memory used by ReplaceMagic" and "Parallel document processing"
  • Added parameter "Re-read configuration after XXX documents" which is controlling if configuration file should be red during documents processing. Currently, ReplaceMagic works in a way that it will read configuration file when you start ReplaceMagic. With this change you can change configuration during processing and after defined number of documents ReplaceMagic will re-read configuration file and pickup new values. For this to work during processing parameter has to be enabled before you start with processing.
  • Added option to enable ReplaceMagic to show Windows Shortcut document properties in Hyperlinks tab.
    Following properties will be shown (only if they have some value): Arguments, Description, Hotkey, IconLocation, TargetPath and WorkingDirectory
  • Fix bug that Windows Shortcut counters were not part of Scanning Dashnoard (Document Types and Document Size in bytes)



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