Ver. 4.8.1- usage of SharePoint docID instead of uniqueID

What is new in version 4.8.1:

  • Minor change: Instead to use uniqueID of SharePoint documents we are showing in result lists now documentID. Document ID Service has to be enabled to use this feature.

Ver. 4.8.0 - change SharePoint list item hyperlinks and more

What is new in ReplaceMagic 4.8.0:

  • Extended SharePoint functionality that multi-select SharePoint location works. Use Ctrl+Click or Shift-Click to select multiple locations at once.
  • Improved error handling during registration process.
  • Extended About form to include current ReplaceMagic version information.
  • Extended error handling during selection SharePoint locations for scanning/replacement.
  • Added UniqueID in case of documents stored on SharePoint. This ID can be sent to SharePoint to access file without knowing document location.
  • Fixed bug when major/minor versions were used and we try to unpublish already unpublished document.
  • Fixed issue with progress bar when SharePoint structure was expanding.
  • Added sorting of treeview showing SharePoint structure.
  • Provided info how to use ReplaceMagic on MFA enabled SharePoint site. Check help file for more details.
  • Fixed that SharePoint documents are opened after clicking in ReplaceMagic grids (previously, not proper URL was set so documents could not be opened).
  • Improved performances when expanding SharePoint tree view structure.
  • Added column "Creation Date" in scan documents result table.
  • Filtering on creation, last modification, last access date changed to work with BETWEEN operator by setting start and end date.
  • Exports extended to include all added field. In case that you had export which you are using for later import you might need to add additional field (they can be with empty value).
  • Added support to scan SharePoint List Items for hyperlinks. Remark: ReplaceMagic will not check if native SharePoint URL fields (btw. they are controlled only by SharePoint) in document library are broken or not. Those fields are having links like: DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=JS24VZ4MQFT5-2144151531-14.
  • Extended ReplaceMagic to support changes of hyperlinks in SharePoint list items.
  • Check help file remarks regarding SharePoint lists configuration and impact of what ReplaceMagic can keep.
  • Fixed that click in tabs is opening processed document.
  • Improved console and logs output.
  • Fixed bug when RTD volatileDependencies.xml was lost after saving changes in Excel documents.
  • Added option to set UserAgent for checking broken links as some Web servers might reject requests without it. If this field is left empty UserAgent setting will not be used. This setting works only for WinHTTPRequest method.
  • Fixed bug that last modified date and editor were not kept after changes in Wiki/Canvas pages (content stored in SharePoint database).
  • Extended that ReplaceMagic can HTML encode/decode SharePoint pages (.aspx format) as legacy pages (like Enterprise Wiki) are encoded thus without decode is not possible to find links. As this is beta please test carefully as pages might be damaged if you make wrong replacements. To enable this setting go to Configuration=> SharePoint and select option HTML Decode/Encode SharePoint pages [BETA].
  • From this version ReplaceMagic requires .NET version is 4.6.1 or higher.

As you can see with this version of ReplaceMagic we support changes in documents stored on SharePoint but also SharePoint Wiki and Canvas pages plus also hyperlink fields of SharePoint lists. This is rounding ReplaceMagic capabilities to process links in most if not all areas of SharePoint.



Ver. 4.7.5 - major improvements command line processing (benefits for automatization)

New in ver. 4.7.5 (07th of January, 2020) - focus with this update is on Command Prompt start of ReplaceMagic with different parameters

  • License key is changed (from 4.7.3) => All customer with valid maintenance will need new license key. Send us email to and we will generate new license file.
  • Added option to change VBA module name.
  • Added option to disable Excel formulas refresh when opening ReplaceMagic changed document. Check Configuration => Processing => Parameter "Do not refresh formulas in Excel documents".
  • During preparation for command prompt run (silent run - start of ReplaceMagic from command line with XML file) you can select that username and password to connect to SharePoint are encrypted to protect user data if somebody has access to XML file.
  • Silent run supports option to export of scan and replacements and/or to send them to email results (data in result grids in ReplaceMagic) after document processing. Default location is C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\Roaming\ReplaceMagic
  • Silent run now supports multiple configuration files. Simply create needed number of XML configuration files and start ReplaceMagic with "ReplaceMagic ConfigFile1.xml ConfigFile2.xml ... ConfigFileX.xml" and application will process configuration files one by one
  • Email Notifications - ReplaceMagic supports option to send notification email with scan and replacement results after command prompt run. To configure email system go to Configuration => Notifications
  • Default export location changed to C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\Roaming\ReplaceMagic\Exports
  • All export options (except export from Console tab) are extended to support send of export files to configured email (Configuration -> Notification)


Happy New Year from ReplaceMagic team

Ver. 4.7.4 - improvements in processing on SharePoint, VBA in Excel docs and more

New in version 4.7.4 (07th of December):

  • Changed parameter name "Expected max. DocLib size (default value: 150.000)" to "Max docID value". New default value is set to 1.000.000.
  • Fixed problem that when parameter "Max docID value" was set to some non-default value after restarting ReplaceMagic default value was always used.
  • Extended SharePoint developer log entries to provide more details.
  • Extended that hyperlinks in OneNote documents are reported according to where they are=> TextNode hyperlinks and ImageNode hyperlinks.
  • Fix calculation for parallelism. Previously number was defined like physical CPU x cores x logical CPUs which was wrong as number of logical CPUs were core x threads. Now ReplaceMagic will show # physical CPUs, # cores and # threads with total number like # physical CPUs * # cores * # threads.
  • Fixed periodical issues when processing VBA code in Excel files.
  • Fixed counter during SharePoint documents processing when there were more than 5000 documents in selected location.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Changed export and import functionality as a preparation for coming changes (stay tuned...).
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


This update is recommended to all but expecially users processing documents in large document libraries on SharePoint (more than 5000 documents) and processing VBA code in Excel documents.

From ReplaceMagic 4.7.3 - License key is changed => All customer with valid maintenance will need new license key. Send us email to support[AT] and we will generate new license file.


Ver. 4.7.3 - Support for changes in VBA in Word docs + more

New in version 4.7.3 (16th of November, 2019)

  • License key is changed => All customer with valid maintenance will need new license key. Send us email to support[AT] and we will generate new license file.
  • Fixed problem with usage of Regex when strings contained regular expression escape characters.
  • Cosmetic change in About form to show maintenance validity when date format was not properly converted.
  • Added tab with button to go to our document conversion cloud tool PDFtodo (
  • Improved error handling when processing documents.
  • Added options "Developer log info" and "SharePoint developer log info" in Configuration => Logs to enable collection of developer logs (only on ReplaceMagic team request).
  • Improved check of broken links to return real error code returned and not to show, in most cases, "404 link not found".
  • Fix bug that processing duration shown in dashboard was changing with every dashboard opening in case of time in minutes or hours.
  • Extended Configuration to show # physical CPUs, # cores and # logical CPUs.
  • Removed setting to check only limited number of links in trial version. Now, ReplaceMagic will, if instructed, always check links without any limitations (number of links to be checked).
  • Fix bug when processing .aspx pages stored in SharePoint (save was reporting Stream closed error).
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • ReplaceMagic supports now changes in VBA code in Word documents (documents with docm extension).
  • Fixed issue that created, modified and accessed timestamp was converted to UTC instead to keep local time.
  • Fixed that when "Extended network drives" option was used no scan location was selected until not clicked in a treeview.

Ver. 4.7.2 - improvements of processing older Excel formats and VBA in Visio

What is new:

  • Further improvements of changes in older Excel formats. We recommend this upgrade in case that you have older Excel file formats.
  • Improved VBA processing in Visio documents.

In case that you have older Excel formats we strongly recommend this upgrade.

Ver. 4.7.1 - Further SharePoint, export extensions and more

New in version 4.7.1:
  1. Additional extensions added in default set of extensions => aspx, js, css. Of course, it is still possible to add custom extension
  2. Moved selection of changes in SharePoint pages (Wiki/Canvas) to separate tab in Search&Replace form. All later SharePoint specific developments will be in this tab
  3. Extended support (search&replace) for Link Sources in PowerPoint documents (for example, if you have Excel chart imported in PowerPoint presentation)

    Remark: In case that Automatic Update in PowerPoint document is not set and new link for external chart does not exist or is not accessible ReplaceMagic will make a change but chart in PowerPoint document will still be the old one. To manually update chart (pull data from new location) will need to right-click on chart and in context menu select option "Edit Data" which will open source Excel file. After Excel is opened chart in PowerPoint document will be automatically updated

    Second option is to click in PowerPoint on File => "Edit Links to Files" and there to select "Automatic Update"

  4. Adjusted export to Excel functionality to split results in multiple worksheets if number of rows is bigger than 1.000.000 (to avoid Excel limitations). There are some cosmetic issues (header row color not always the same, to be fixed later)
  5. Fix bug when excluding "Table of Content" links in Word documents
  6. Extended hyperlinks display in Word documents to include also parameters
  7. Included that fixing of broken hyperlinks in Word document covers also hyperlink parameters
  8. Added in installation information that .NET 4.5.2 is required
  9. Changed installer type and publish setup as EXE and not MSI
  10. (Expert option) - Added converter of not supported VSD,VSS and VST Visio file formats to newer VSDX, VSSX and VSTX. Until this version ReplaceMagic was not able to read and save older Visio file formats (VSD/VSS/VST). From version 4.7.1 you will have option to instruct ReplaceMagic to convert older in newer formats. To set this feature go to Configuration => Processing and select option "Convert Visio (VSD/VSS/VST) docs in VSDX/VSSX/VSTX format?"

    Disclaimer: We will always keep original Visio file format (VSD/VSS/VST) and create new file in newer Visio format. In case of network drives if you specify that ReplaceMagic should create backup beside original and new file you will also have backup file.
    In case of SharePoint only old and new file will exist
  11. Added support for Visio VSX and VTX file format
  12. Added "Proxy Configuration" to "Add SharePoint Site" form where you can provide proxy details (proxy URL, port, username and password). Only HTTP proxies are working (HTTPS does not work for now)
  13. Added option to delete list of saved Search&Replace strings in Search&Replace form
  14. Changed that double click on form used to select SharePoint location is always opening only one level below. Before complete clicked node structure was opened at once which was challenging in case that there were plenty of items in opened locations
  15. Added option to delete saved SharePoint connections from Connection History drop-down
  16. During SharePoint changes ReplaceMagic was setting after check-in/check-out, publishing, approval comment text. Now comments by ReplaceMagic can be removed or you can set your own text
  17. All documents stored on SharePoint have unique ID. Normally document IDs are created in sequential way but if some documents are deleted you might have gaps between document IDs. Due to checking numbers in steps of 5000 (previously used in ReplaceMagic) might happen that some documents were not found. To address this case we provided new functionality to find highest document ID in DocLib and to loop until this number is not reached eliminating possibility that some files are missed. As this requires that we loop until maximum number of items in document library (30.000.000 documents) to avoid unnecessary loops you can set expected maximum document library size (default value: 150.000 documents in DocLib)

    Just as a reference - scan in our test site with this parameter set to 500.000 took around 90-100 seconds (with Ultra fast scan option) and with parameter set to 30.000.000 it took around 180 seconds. In total there were only 200 documents in this site

  18. Added SharePoint DefaultCredentials logon option (BETA)
  19. Improved logic to check relative links in SharePoint documents and pages
  20. Added button to start short video with explanation how to use ReplaceMagic

Ver. 4.7.0 - SharePoint list attachment changes supported

SharePoint journey continues - ReplaceMagic can support changes on list item attachments. If you have some links to be changed in SharePoint list item attachments just select list and let ReplaceMagic do the job.

New in this version:

  • ReplaceMagic can change SharePoint list item attachments also - Extended that ReplaceMagic can process also files which are attached to list items (SharePoint Online/2016/2013/2010; in case of SharePoint 2010 ReplaceMagic cannot show processed document size, in result list you will see 0).
  • Extended export/import functionality that list item attachments are also included.
  • Fixed bug when, in SharePoint, selecting folders for processing with more than 5000 items. Due to SharePoint limits this did not work. Document libraries were ok, folders with less than 5000 documents also ok.



Version 4.6.9 - SharePoint processing improvements

What is new:

  • Improved processing of big SharePoint locations (more than default SharePoint threshold value of 5000 items in list view)
  • Extended ReplaceMagic Search&Replace form to support changes of backslash to slash and slash to backslash immediately during replacement process. This is useful if documents are migrated from local network to SharePoint and all backslashes should be converted to slashed
  • Extended generation of command line XML file to include also slash/backslash conversion settings
  • Extended saving of Search&Replace configuration "Save configuration" to include slash/backslash settings



Version 4.6.8 with tons of changes released

  • Extended command line processing to support also documents stored on SharePoint. Parameters can be configured directly from ReplaceMagic (see below) or you can manually create XML config file (see ReplaceMagic Start - CommandLine)

  • ReplaceMagic extended to support generation of command line parameter file. To generate file set everything for replacements (location(s), document type(s) and configuration in Search&Replace form). If you press in Search&Replace button "Silent run params" in newly opened form you will see XML text which can be copied in file where you keep command line parameters.
  • File format for command line parameters are changed. See more in section ReplaceMagic Start - CommandLine Parameters
  • Fixed counters for custom extension in scan and replacement dashboard
  • (BETA) Extended that ReplaceMagic can make changes in SharePoint pages content which is stored in SharePoint database (not part of .aspx page). To use this functionality during search&replace go to Search&Replace option and select in Custom tab "Update SharePoint page content (stored in SharePoint database)".

    IMPORTANT: Currently, not checked if ReplaceMagic can keep last modified date and editor or approval/publish state or versioning status.
  • Fixed check of links in custom file extensions if link was formatted to start and end with uppercase (like: <A... </A>)
  • Changed that text files are opened with default system encoding (mainly to avoid that non-standard characters are wrongly shown (for example, German letters))
  • Code cleanup of Export List functionality
  • Extended export of SharePoint documents to include unique document ID generated by SharePoint
  • Extended ReplaceMagic to be able to export and import scanned SharePoint documents. To do that following is needed:
    • Export: 

      This will create 2 export files (default names: ReplaceMagic - Find Documents export.csv and SP_ReplaceMagic - Find Documents export.csv)
      Once documents are created do not change document name
    • Import: Before you can import SharePoint documents you will need to log to the SharePoint site where documents for import are. Example, we exported documents stored on " Documents". To be able to import and process them it is needed to reconnect to To do that go to "Add SharePoint site" and connect to

    • After site is added just click on Ok and proceed with documents import. This will create needed for processing of exported SharePoint documents.

      Not yet tested: if ReplaceMagic can keep Last Modified Date and Editor during replacement process of imported document.
  • Fixed bug that import of previously scanned documents did not work
  • Fix bug when replacement process is started without scanning document that skipped files are shown in AdditionalInfo tab
  • Improved finalization phase of ScanDocuments (performance improvements when preparing list of skipped documents)
  • Extended ReplaceMagic to allow custom location for backup of documents (there are 2 options for backup: all documents or only changed documents)

    • Flow:
      • Set "Create backup", if needed enter backup extension. If backup extension is not defined ReplaceMagic will copy documents to new location
      • Select location for your backup. If nothing is selected ReplaceMagic will make backup in same folder like your original document
      • How are documents copied - for example, you set that backup location is w:\Backup. Document which ReplaceMagic should backup is coming from location c:\_work\some_subfolder and document name is (full path: c:\_work\some_subfolder\
      • ReplaceMagic will change : with - and it will create some folder structure like original has =>   w:\Backup\c-\_work\some_subfolder\
      • This will allow you to easily restore documents as original folder structure is still there
  • Content Approval setting within SharePoint
    • Peformance improvements during scenario with Content Approval setting for document library
    • Processing flow changed to ensure that flags are kept. In case of Content Approval last modified date and editor can be kept only for documents in Draft version. Documents with other status values will keep status flag but last modified date and editor will be automatically changed by SharePoint after making changes in documents.
  • Updated counters after scan documents. How they are working - ReplaceMagic will scan your files and during that process apply different filters like if file is bigger than some size, if you want to skip document based on some time stamp, etc... Filtered documents will be reported in Additional Info tab. From subset of found files (not filtered documents) ReplaceMagic will start to read content of files and if file is, for any reason, not accessible  application will put that file also in Additional Info tab. Basically there you will see all skipped documents (plus reasons). We could exclude documents skipped due to file size but we intentionally left them as from AdditionalInfo tab you can import them with one click for further processing

  • Further performance improvements in scanning process (reduced number of calls to FileInfo)
  • Further performance improvements in replacements process (reduced number of calls to FileInfo)
  • Fixed bug that maximum document processing time is reported as smaller than wait time to complete processing when it was not
  • Added popup to notify user that maintenance period expired including button to send direct email to ReplaceMagic with request for extended maintenance information. From popup you can disable apprieance of this form. After installation of new version ReplaceMagic will reset this setting again. Setting is user specific.
  • Added popup to notify user that there is new ReplaceMagic version available including details about changes in latest version. This popup can be postponed for next 14 or 30 days or completelly disabled. After installation of new version ReplaceMagic will reset this setting again. Setting is user specific.

  • Fix issue with Microsoft FileInfo method which was not recognizing document extension is some cases
  • Improved processing of documents with # and % in filename (related to SharePoint.Online)
  • "Search in Subfolders" per default selected