ReplaceMagic ver. 4.1.7 available for download

What is new:

  • Dashboard system after scanning process extended to show statistics about document age. We will show how many documents you had in some period (predefined periods) per creation date, last modification or last accessed date.
    This will help you better understand how documents are used as you can quickly see usage frequency
    Few screenshots:

As always feel free to contact us if you have ideas how to further improve ReplaceMagic.

New version 4.1.6 just published

What is new:

·     Fixed bug when using multiple passwords to unlock documents in case that separator was not |
·     Minor bug fixing

Google and "Unwanted Software" policy

In last few weeks we noticed less downloads but that was not concerning as during summer usually we have less people visiting our site.

Then suddenly we got email:

Hello AdWords Advertiser,

We wanted to alert you that one or more of your ads or keywords have been 
disapproved. Unfortunately, we won't be able to show your ads on Google, 
our search partners, or on Display Network placements until you edit your 
ads or keywords to make them compliant with our policies.

If this is an error, we want to get your ads back up and running as quickly 
as possible, and your Google team is here to help. Below you'll find the 
reason why your ads or keywords have been disapproved. At the end of this 
email, you'll find a Problem Report that includes details about which ads 
or keywords have been disapproved and what you can do to fix them (if 

Disapproval Reason
Site violates policy: We've determined that your site doesn't comply with 
our site policies. Because of this, any ads promoting this site have been 

For more information about suspended sites, please see:

Hmm, weird as we did not change our ads or anything on

After contacting Google we got information that we do not comply with "Unwanted Software" policy. Ok, we checked and found following:

And also:

A visible EULA or the term & conditions before the downloads in question.

  • A visible uninstall instruction before every download.

  • The advertised product has to be mentioned in the ad text.

  • The installation/deinstallation process has to be user friendly

  • And so on…

Again ok, we went through and did like requested so now on you can find link to Terms&Conditions ( and also uninstall instructions (

Should I mention that our software is digitally signed and you need to click on Download button to be able to download it, that you cannot install it if you do not accept EULA and that you can uninstall like any Windows software.

Still our ads are not yet approved even after few days. In a meantime I had really nice call with Google support but we are still fully confused why ads are not running as we believe that all policy points are fulfilled. Support person was not able to tells us reasons and she will try to find out...

My wish for Google policy team is that they tell what exactly is not according to the policy as by sending generic reply Google AdWords customers are left in the dark not knowing what is missing and how to fix the problem.

I hope that issue will be shortly resolved as it is already taking days plus more than few calls and emails...

@Google: As I  found other software companies impacted with same problem so clearly you are doing something wrong. One of links:



New version 4.1.5 just published

·     Improved checks of UNC file paths
·     Changed selection of folders to be the same way how Windows
·     Fixed that single documents with upper case extension can be selected
·     Extended check of URL links so that different method can be used (originally only HEAD). Supported methods: GET / POST / HEAD

New version 4.1.4 just published

New is ReplaceMagic 4.1.4:

·     Improved processing of VBA in VDX documents
·     Improved processing of LinkSources in Excel documents

New version 4.1.3 just published

New in version 4.1.3
·     Added support to make changes in VBA project in Visio documents
·     Improved usage of regular expressions
·     In case that documents were skipped due to the size limit parameter now you can import them for separate processing directly from AdditionalInfo
·     Document with internal links (address was empty; for example, table of content), when check for broken links was enabled, were skipped due to suboptimal error handling. This is fixed now and internal links will not be showstopper anymore
·     Error-handling improved
·     Extended processing of hyperlinks in OneNote documents - hyperlinks behind images in OneNote documents can be also updated
·     Improved replacement of hyperlinks in header/footer of Word documents
·     Improved check of broken links
·     Coding optimization (code cleanup)

How to fix text docs?

As extension to ReplaceMagic portfolio which includes support for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Visio, OneNote, PDF and Windows shortcuts we prepared ReplaceMagic.Text to enable processing of text documents. By default you can processor *.txt, *.htm, *.html, *. csv, *.bat documents but you can enter any extension that you would like:

During scan of your text documents we will try to identify what are hyperlinks which  will help you later update your Web files.

Processing is parallelized meaning it is very fast. In our test, processing of 10.564 documents (html files) took 212 seconds and during that time we scanned 1,189GB of files. ReplaceMagic identified total of 1.960.344 hyperlinks.

To make replacement simply go to Search&Replace and set that you want to make changes in Custom where you can find only option "Update text". After providing search&replace strings click on "Start Replacement":

Usage of ReplaceMagic is very simple as you can see :)


New version 4.1.2 just published

·     Added Ookii.Dialog component which can be used to select network mapped folders (mapping done with "Add a network location"). Select Folder and Select Folder(s) forms are extended with this feature.
·     Added parameter "Do not change file links if replacement is longer than 235 characters" - in case if replacement string is longer than 235 characters change will not be done. This works in case of Excel documents when changes are to be done in formulas and LinkSource. Reason is that Excel cannot handle longer strings (235+ characters) so it might report that document is corrupted. To avoid that set this parameter.
·     When selected folder or files for processing are changed Find Documents list will be empty to be ready for new scan of documents. Also direct changes are working immediatelly over new selected folder(s)/files.
·     CommandLine parameters extended (see ReplaceMagic Start - CommandLine parameters)
·     Added option that you can save configuration of Search&Replace form. All settings except document properties and search&replace key pairs will be saved.
·     Added option to filter documents based on creation date. Previously filtering was possible on last modification or access date.
·     In case that file links were started with file: they were always reported as broken. This is fixed now.
·     ReplaceMagic folder structure is changes. Previously we saved all ReplaceMagic files under ...\Webtime Corporation\ReplaceMagic. Now all application files are saved directly in \ReplaceMagic\ folder without company name in the path structure. Due to this might be needed that you have to re-apply license. This will be one-time action and in the future we will stick to this new folder structure.

New pricing model

Hey all,

with ReplaceMagic 4.1.1 we included support for text documents. Well, you can use already defined extension but you can create your own extensions also. As this is additional to already nice portfolio of support document type we decided to increase price of our ReplaceMagic.Ultimate from $649 to $699.

To make our customers happy we reviewed this decision and conclusion was that we will revert price back to our old $649 price and leave ReplaceMagic.Text as a part of ReplaceMagic.Ultimate collection.

Feel free to test it and enjoy this additional value that ReplaceMagic.Ultimate brings now.

ReplaceMagic team :-)

New version 4.1.1 just published

New in version 4.1.1


·         Improved exception handling when opening PDF documents. Messages are more meaningful

·         Improved exception handling when opening older Word documents (Word 95). As they are not supported now it is understandable why document was skipped

·         Added option to skip documents bigger than some size. In case of huge documents processing was taking long so to avoid performance degradation now you can set size above which documents will be skipped. This is setting "Skip files bigger than..."

·         CommandLink parameters extended for SKIPOFFLINEDOCUMENTS and CONTINUEREPLACEMENT

·         Movement of selected document extensions for processing improved

·         Added UltraScan which will only create list of documents for replacement process without opening a single document. In case if you do not care about links in documents this option make sense

·         Added ReplaceMagic.Text - now you can process custom added extension where documents are treated as a text files. By default extensions like .txt, . htm, .html, .csv, .bat are processed but you can add any custom extension

·         ReplaceMagic.Text is part of ReplaceMagic.Ultimate version

·         Extended Excel part to process hyperlinks connected to document shapes

·         Extended ReplaceMagic.Text to be able to identify hyperlinks in documents

·         Extended changes of LinkSources in Excel documents to support replacements of SourceFile properties also. Initially changes were done only in case of ConnectionInfo property

·         Extended CommandPrompt mode to do only Scan Documents with section [SEARCHREPLACE] is empty. Before ReplaceMagic was not doing anything in case of missing [SEARCHREPLACE] section

·         Added that broken files are shown in AdditionalInfo tab after replacement process. Initially this was done only after scanning documents

·         Bugs fixing (including backup extension bug)