New version 4.1.2 just published

·     Added Ookii.Dialog component which can be used to select network mapped folders (mapping done with "Add a network location"). Select Folder and Select Folder(s) forms are extended with this feature.
·     Added parameter "Do not change file links if replacement is longer than 235 characters" - in case if replacement string is longer than 235 characters change will not be done. This works in case of Excel documents when changes are to be done in formulas and LinkSource. Reason is that Excel cannot handle longer strings (235+ characters) so it might report that document is corrupted. To avoid that set this parameter.
·     When selected folder or files for processing are changed Find Documents list will be empty to be ready for new scan of documents. Also direct changes are working immediatelly over new selected folder(s)/files.
·     CommandLine parameters extended (see ReplaceMagic Start - CommandLine parameters)
·     Added option that you can save configuration of Search&Replace form. All settings except document properties and search&replace key pairs will be saved.
·     Added option to filter documents based on creation date. Previously filtering was possible on last modification or access date.
·     In case that file links were started with file: they were always reported as broken. This is fixed now.
·     ReplaceMagic folder structure is changes. Previously we saved all ReplaceMagic files under ...\Webtime Corporation\ReplaceMagic. Now all application files are saved directly in \ReplaceMagic\ folder without company name in the path structure. Due to this might be needed that you have to re-apply license. This will be one-time action and in the future we will stick to this new folder structure.

New pricing model

Hey all,

with ReplaceMagic 4.1.1 we included support for text documents. Well, you can use already defined extension but you can create your own extensions also. As this is additional to already nice portfolio of support document type we decided to increase price of our ReplaceMagic.Ultimate from $649 to $699.

To make our customers happy we reviewed this decision and conclusion was that we will revert price back to our old $649 price and leave ReplaceMagic.Text as a part of ReplaceMagic.Ultimate collection.

Feel free to test it and enjoy this additional value that ReplaceMagic.Ultimate brings now.

ReplaceMagic team :-)

New version 4.1.1 just published

New in version 4.1.1


·         Improved exception handling when opening PDF documents. Messages are more meaningful

·         Improved exception handling when opening older Word documents (Word 95). As they are not supported now it is understandable why document was skipped

·         Added option to skip documents bigger than some size. In case of huge documents processing was taking long so to avoid performance degradation now you can set size above which documents will be skipped. This is setting "Skip files bigger than..."

·         CommandLink parameters extended for SKIPOFFLINEDOCUMENTS and CONTINUEREPLACEMENT

·         Movement of selected document extensions for processing improved

·         Added UltraScan which will only create list of documents for replacement process without opening a single document. In case if you do not care about links in documents this option make sense

·         Added ReplaceMagic.Text - now you can process custom added extension where documents are treated as a text files. By default extensions like .txt, . htm, .html, .csv, .bat are processed but you can add any custom extension

·         ReplaceMagic.Text is part of ReplaceMagic.Ultimate version

·         Extended Excel part to process hyperlinks connected to document shapes

·         Extended ReplaceMagic.Text to be able to identify hyperlinks in documents

·         Extended changes of LinkSources in Excel documents to support replacements of SourceFile properties also. Initially changes were done only in case of ConnectionInfo property

·         Extended CommandPrompt mode to do only Scan Documents with section [SEARCHREPLACE] is empty. Before ReplaceMagic was not doing anything in case of missing [SEARCHREPLACE] section

·         Added that broken files are shown in AdditionalInfo tab after replacement process. Initially this was done only after scanning documents

·         Bugs fixing (including backup extension bug)

New version 4.1.0 just published

Hi all,

we just published new version of ReplaceMagic.
It includes:

- Ultra fast document scan => this feature will create list of documents for replacement process without checking content of documents. Of course, this is very fast.

- Improved processing of OneNote documents (some documents could not be open)

- Improved processing of Link Sources in Excel documents - in some cases exception happened leading to fact that Link Sources were not updated.

This is minor upgrade but still strongly recommended.

ReplaceMagic team

New version 4.0.9 just published

Hi all,

we just published new version of ReplaceMagic.
It includes:

·     Improved processing of documents over the network.
·     Improved error handling in case of old Excel documents (Excel 95)
·     Cosmetic changes. Better layout for different font scale sizes
·     ReplaceMagis supports setting to skip Offline documents
·     Added configuration setting "Update Read Folders status" - by setting this ReplaceMagic will show preparation of files for processing in progress bar
·     Added option to set what should ReplaceMagic do after first change is done. Per default, once when change is done we are skipping further changes. Now you can set that ReplaceMagic should continue. Setting is in Configuration => Processing => Continue replacements after first change?
·     In case of export to Excel if cell has more than 32.000 characters export will not work (Excel limitation), with this version export will not be stopped due to this Excel limit

Requirements for fast processing

ReplaceMagic is very fast (see more over but to achieve great performance we recommend:

- When running ReplaceMagic we recommend that no other activities are done on that computer. This will give all hardware resources to ReplaceMagic. Of course, you can do parallel work but in that case hardware resources will be shared between ReplaceMagic and other applications

- As we process documents fully in memory, well surprise, memory is very important for ReplaceMagic. In simple words more is better as that will allow you to run more documents in parallel.
Like a rule of thumb we recommend that you run ReplaceMagic on computer with at least 8GB RAM. ReplaceMagic will run also on computers with less memory but you'll need to reduce number of parallel documents which will have performance impact.

At the end 8GB is today, more or less, standard and more and more computers have 16GB of RAM.

On our test computers with 16GB RAM we can process between 20 and 40 documents in parallel where on 8GB computer you can do only half (10-20 documents)

- Screen resolution - we recommend to use ReplaceMagic on computer with higher resolution than 1280x800.
In next version (4.0.9) we will reorganize screens a little so that layout works also in different font size groups (100%, 120%,...) but still 1280x800 is highly recommended and today with all high resolution screens this should not be a problem.

- CPU - like with memory more is better. Document processing can be very demending especially when you have multiple documents in parallel. Any modern computer will do the job but faster CPU means more documents in parallel meaning better performances

- Documents location - this one is also logical - if you try to fix broken links in documents and they are locally on your computer stored that will be faster compared with documents spread all over the network.

- Check for broken links - yes, we can check are links broken or not but this has price. Each link will be checked thus impacting processing performances. To accelerate as much as possible we are doing that in async-way but still, as there might be tons of links, this will have impact. Our recommendation is to enable that feature only if needed.

In case of any questions about ReplaceMagic do not hesitate to contact us over support(@)

ReplaceMagic performances

Frequently we are getting questions like "... but how fast is ReplaceMagic?" or "How many documents can I process in one hour?" or "..." - simply think about any performance question and put it here.

Well, to make story short - ReplaceMagic is very fast, extremely fast :).

On my test computer with i7 CPU, 16Gb and fast SSD drive I can process (parallelization set to 10 documents at the same time) between 20 and 40 documents per second. Listen, I am talking about 72.000 to 144.000 documents per hour.

Here is small example - I did scan of documents to make snapshot of current situation:

- in total there were 1248 documents and it took 56 seconds to open, read content of each document and record data:

[Scan Documents] Processed: 1248 documents. Duration: 00:00:49.6910355. Max parallel documents: 10. Work completed!
Start: 26.09.2016 19:41:00
End: 26.09.2016 19:41:49
Total time: 49 seconds.
Total documents: 1248
Processed documents: 1248
Total number of Hyperlinks: 1372
Total number of OLE links: 798
Total number of Link Sources: 32
Total number of Pivot Tables: 2
Total number of Excel document(s): 10 with size of 3865kb
24 hyperlinks found in Excel documents
6 OLE links found in Excel documents
29 link sources found in Excel documents
2 pivot tables found in Excel documents
Total number of Word document(s): 32 with size of 9449kb
75 hyperlinks found in Word documents
276 OLE links found in Word documents
3 link sources found in Word documents
Total number of PowerPoint document(s): 133 with size of 96962kb
585 hyperlinks found in PowerPoint documents
516 OLE links found in PowerPoint documents
Total number of Visio document(s): 4 with size of 1091kb
2 hyperlinks found in Visio documents
Total number of Project document(s): 2 with size of 744kb
2 hyperlinks found in Project documents
Total number of PDF document(s): 1012 with size of 441653kb
683 hyperlinks found in PDF documents
55 documents were broken.
In total ~540Mb of files.

Is that fast? Well, we would says, yes, it is very fast.

ReplaceMagic is built for performances.
We helped our customers in fixing broken links of huge number of documents.
After checking real-life performances of one of our customers we got following:
"It processed 1.991.283 files and identified 75.521 with links. After the move few files link sources got changed from c:\users to x:\users so had to replace x:\users with c:\users.  Few files after the move the link source path got changed to x:\c instead of c: so had to replace x:\c with c:.

It took around 5.5 hrs to scan and then the replace was pretty quick as it was narrowed down to just one folder , so during the replace it had to traverse through just one big folder. That process was pretty quick a few minutes 10 -15 . "


When we translate that into documents/second we are on around 100 docs/second.


As customer had our Package2 license (you buy 2 licenses and can install ReplaceMagic on up to 5 computers, more over ReplaceMagic packages) so in case that they were running ReplaceMagic on 5 computers that is about 20 docs/second.


Of course, they were running it over network location so network time was also adding overhead.


Best is, of course, to test ReplaceMagic locally in your environment with your documents as each setup is different and has to be tested :).


In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us over support(@)


Have fun,


ReplaceMagic team

New version 4.0.8 just published

What is new:

  • Added option to control maximum memory available for ReplaceMagic processing. If you have 8Gb RAM and you specify that ReplaceMagic should not use more than 75% of available memory only 6Gb will be available for RM.
    In case that you opened already 25 documents in parallel and reached 6Gb limit (or just above) ReplaceMagic will not open new document as long as memory used by ReplaceMagic does not go below 6Gb.
    With this parameter we are ensuring that ReplaceMagic cannot use more than specified memory
  • Bug fixing - When you wanted to make changes of hyperlinks in Excel document if you tried to change hyperlink from UNC format to hyperlink in "drive" format during saving additional "file:" was added in some cases.
  • Continues improvement: Optimized processing of hyperlinks in Word documents
  • Cosmetic changes

New version 4.0.7 just published

What is new:

  • Added possibility to set text alignment of master form progress bar
  • Start ReplaceMagic from command prompt with parameters set over configuration file
  • Feature to specify which type of links should be changed (hyperlinks, file links...)
  • Improved hyperlinks (URLs and file links) check
  • Added support for Visio VSDM, VSSM and VSTM file formats
  • Processing dashboard (after scan or after replacement process; this can be disabled/enabled over application configuration)
  • Added possibility to skip empty links (Word) - for example, table of content...
  • Added option to skip processing of TextToDisplay in PDF documents which will allow decrease of memory consumption
  • Minor bug fixing

We strongly recommend that you download latest version of ReplaceMagic to get all new features :)

New version 4.0.6 just published

We just released new version 4.0.6 with a lot of changes:

If you click on button "Clear List" ReplaceMagic will ask if you are sure. This is included to avoid that processing results are deleted by mistake.

·    Processing summary is now moved completely at the end in Console view after BadFiles report
·    We extended ReplaceMagic with option to check are there new updates:

Currently this is manual process as you have to click but ultimate goal is to include automatic checks and that will follow.
· Added option to enable filtering (only Professional edition) in result grids. To set this go to Configuration => Enable filtering:

Filter options are:

  • Extended reporting to include per application type number of corresponding hyperlinks, OLE links, link source and pivot tables. For example:

    Total number of Excel document(s): 9 with size of 3855kb
    24 hyperlinks found in Excel documents
    6 OLE links found in Excel documents
    29 link sources found in Excel documents
    2 pivot tables found in Excel documents

·   Added parameter Wait X second(s) for threads to finish in Configuration - this parameter instructs ReplaceMagic to wait X seconds before it writes to Console summary about current processing. Without this parametar might happen that ReplaceMagic writes summary before processing is finished which will lead that some files are not included in summary.
·    Changed that during import search&replace and passwords strings if separator is not correct line will be skipped but all other lines will be imported. Before ReplaceMagic did not import anything.
·    Import Separator is used for Search&Replace and Password imports

·    In case that some documents cannot be opened ReplaceMagic was writting info about documents in console view or in log file. Now we extended result lists with additional tab "Additional Info" which will appear only if there are "bad documents". Of course, all information will be still written in console tab and logs like before:

·    In Scan Documents tab if you chose Export and then select "Single export file (all scan results split on different sheets)" ReplaceMagic will include also bad documents.
·    Extended changes in PDF documents to support LaunchAction parallel to changes of hyperlinks:

Launch action launches an application or opens or prints a document.

·    Added support for changes in Excel formulas:

·    Minor bug fixing...